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6 Deal-Breakers that Will Send Home Buyers Running for the Hills

Selling your home is all about appealing to the market. You’re putting a product out there, so of course you have to take steps to make it appeal to your prospective customers. Some flaws are excusable: not having a fireplace in the living room, kitchen tiles that are slightly out of fashion, and so on. When your home has certain flaws, however, you’ve got to take steps to improve or downplay them – otherwise, they’ll send any sane home buyer dashing for the door.

5 Things to Consider Before Committing to a “Fixer-Upper”

5 Things to Consider Before Committing to a “Fixer-Upper”

5 Reasons Why You Are Getting Low Offers for Your Home

As a home seller, you might receive lower sale offers than you may have expected. Here’s how to decide if the offer is a lowball offer or if you should seek out better prospects.


4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, using a qualified real estate agent to assist you with the selling process can save you a lot of headaches. Real estate deals can often become emotional and require experience in order to navigate the complicated processes involved.



How to Makeover Your Investment Property Kitchen for $500

There is nothing like looking at a design magazine or reading an inspiring article to get you excited about renovating your kitchen, but on a tight budget your options might feel limited.

7 Features That Date Your Home and How to Update Them Fast

When preparing to sell your home, you want it to stand out from the rest. What out-of-date features could prevent your home from selling faster?

Display or Pack: 10 Items to Put Away Before Showing Your Home

A well staged home will not only sell faster, but it increases the opportunity for wooing potential buyers.

6 Tips for Removing Kitchen Clutter While Selling Your First Home

Preparing your home for a sale can be an overwhelming process. You might not be sure where to even start, that's why de-cluttering the kitchen is a great place to begin.

Give Your Home A Facelift - Tips For Choosing Home Interior Paint Colors

The right interior paint colors can transform the entire appearance of your home. The interior colors of your home significantly influence the atmosphere of the home and thereby, influence the moods of people in the home.


Hardscape Elements – The Backbone Of Any Landscape Project

No matter if you are working with a landscape contractor to bring beauty and order to the site of new home construction or to breathe life and elegance into a bland and boring established yard, the term “hardscape” is likely to come up in the conversation.


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